THE AUTHOR : Erik De Smet MY PROFESSIONAL CAREER   I am a Belgian engineer with more than 30 years experience in fire protection field, which I obtained through my work for engineering companies and an international insurance company. I worked as an independent Consulting Engineer since 1999, and I am retired since March 1, 2007. I started in the field of fire protection with Coppée-Rust in 1974 as the designer of the sprinkler systems of the first  Procter & Gamble pampers factory in Europe. The last project I completed was for the new international airport of Doha Qatar, where I fulfilled the task of fire safety consultant for ADPi Paris and where I defined the fire safety concept for several important buildings, and in particular the huge new aircraft maintenance complex of Qatari Airways, which is to be completed in 2009.   Since the beginning of my career I was always interested in fire safety evaluation methods and in fire safety engineering techniques. I completed several professional training courses and I attended a number of international fire safety conferences, organised by NFPA and others. The first international conference I attended was in Wageningen, The Netherlands in 1980 and the last one in Luxemburg in 2004. Honorary Distinction : The Belgian government granted me in 1989 the bronze medal and in 1996 the silver medal "Laureaat van de Arbeid" for Safety Professionals. This distinction is awarded in recognition of outstanding professional skill and dedication. I will continue the development of FRAME, and communicate through this website, mainly with practical examples and with guidelines for the correct use of the calculations.