THE PRACTICAL "FRAME" CALCULATION.   Before starting the practical calculation, collect all the necessary data. Remember that one calculation should be made per fire compartment, and that for each compartment you will need therefore a good description of its use and its construction, as well as information about the existing means of fire protection. Once all information is gathered, the calculation can start of the influencing factors for the Potential Risks P, P1, and P2. The second step is to calculate the Acceptable Risk Levels A, A1, A2, which will give us an indication of the most stringent protection requirements.   The next step is to calculate the values of W, N, S and F for the proposed fire protection system, and to check what the value is of R, the Fire Risk for the building and its content. Sometimes its will be necessary to recalculate this value if the chosen level of protection is inadequate. It is also possible to make a second calculation for a different protection concept in order to compare possible solutions.   Once the adequate protection for the building is defined, check if this concept is also adequate for the protection of the occupants. Therefore, first calculate the values of U and of R1. Eventually, define additional protection, which can change the calculation for the occupants as well as for the building.   The fire protection concept that protects adequately the building and the people in it may still have some weak points as far as the activities are concerned. You will calculate the values of Y and of R2 to check this. Additional requirements to protect the activities will influence only slightly the protection level of the building and the occupants.   Spreadsheet build-up.   The spreadsheet is distributed as an executable Excel-file, made with DoneEx XCell compiler, for Windows XP /Vista + Excel 2000-2007 . For Office 2010/2011 there is a xltx- template and for other platforms an OpenOffice 3.3 odt-template is planned. see at “software” The English version of the spreadsheet allows the combined calculation of 3 cases: a reference case and two variants. The spreadsheet has the following pages: FRAME2008  summary sheet; P -REF , A- REF, D- REF : calculation sheets for the reference case; P- V1; A - V1, D - V1 calculation sheets for variant 1; P - V2, A - V2, D - V2 calculation sheets for variant 2; Info FRAME : cover page with general information, acknowledgments, disclaimer and warnings; Info P , Info A , Info D : information and reference sheets for the factors and sub factors used. A non working preview of the FRAME 2008 spreadsheet can be seen here