NEWS about FRAME  18 new registrations for March ‘14, 11 for April  ‘14 and 22 for May ‘14, mainly from Belgium, Italy, Spain and Latin America and a first from Abu Dhabi. Some bugs were found in the Portuguese - English spreadsheet and were corrected. In January and February 2014, 23 new registrations came in, with a first from Malta, Alvaro Gomes Ferreira, PhD student. In December 2013, 13 new users registered, from Belgium, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Australia. In November 2013, Edgar Bejarano of Costa Rica registered as 800th user. In that month, Prof.  J.B. Alam of the King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, registered as first user in Saudi Arabia, David Crisanth Alexander of ADAT is the first user in the UAE, and Tarik Dreca of was the first user in Bosnia- Herzegovina. All versions have been checked for reported bugs, and the construction cost index has been replaced by the GDP deflator as measurement of inflation. Latest versions of the excel templates have -005 suffix. In October 2013, Lincoln Espinal G. was the first registered user in Honduras. Case study n°21 of the Calculation examples book has become a real fire. The improvement recommendations were not implemented, and a fire on Oct.10 , 2013 destroyed the factory.   Oct.25  , 2013 : Some bugs has been reported (and corrected) in cells which are rarely modified in the variants. Injac Jovan, of Hazmat Inženjering, Beograd, Serbia translated the FRAME spreadsheet. A Serbian-English bilingual version is now available for registered users. FRAM-ini, the simplified qualitative FRA method based on FRAME, is now available in the English, Dutch, French and Spanish version. In March 2013, Henry Oliver Avine of the Public University of El Alto is the first user in Bolivia;and Janssens Richard, conseiller en prévention, was the 700th registered user. In 2012  the 152 new registered users brought the total at 668 on January 1st, 2013. 2012-11-15  Nieuwe pagina in het Nederlands bij de voorbeelden : De brand van maart 2011 in Rivierduinen te Oegstgeest. 2012-08-02 A search on the Internet revealed the existence of: an Iranian version of FRAME the use of FRAME for a risk assessment of shops and restaurants at the Hong Kong International Airport. a Lithuanian comparison between FRAME and QRA see more information on the the English Info & Links page   2012-07-17 Ricardo Bovier de Argentina ha desarrollado esta simple aplicación para calcular la carga calorífica 2012-07-27  Nieuwe pagina’s bijgevoegd in de Nederlandstalige versie: een FRAME-analyse van de catastrofale brand in Rustoord Kanunnik Triest te Melle, België in 2009 en een kritische analyse van het Vlaams Besluit Brandveiligheid Ouderenzorgvoorzieningen van 9-12-2011. 2012-07-02:  Frank Charaja Porras of W&W Ingenieria y Servicios, Peru registered as 600th user. 2012-06-28  Donald Polfliet behaalde het postgraduaat Fire Safety Engineering aan de Universiteit Gent met zijn thesis :” Holistische benadering van de brandbeveiliging in het Militair hospitaal in Neder-Over-Heembeek “, waarbij hij de FRAME methode gebruikte. 2012-02-27  Bernard Mégevand de Suisse  a obtenu le “Certificat of Advanced Studies en Protection incendie des bâtiments”  à la Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de gestion du canton de Vaud. Il a comparé dans son travail de diplôme la méthode FRAME avec d’autres méthodes d’analyse du risque d’incendie.   2012-02-21  English webpage updated with printable (pdf) pages and a comparison between FRAME and BS9999 2012-02-02 FRAME was presented on a Fire Safety Engineering seminar in Italy organised by the Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Vicenza. For the presentation (in Italian)  see at  their website